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Gourmet Mushrooms, Herbs, Microgreens, and More

On our family farm, we lovingly cultivate gourmet and medicinal mushrooms that are both delicious and immune boosting. Studies have shown many species of mushrooms can destroy tumors, strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and protect the neurological system. Did we mention they are also delicious! Saute with our fresh herbs, heirloom tomatoes and microgreens for an amazing dish. Enjoy the tasty, nutritious and immune boosting properties of our produce which is hand harvested and free of pesticides or chemicals. Subscribe to our email list or Youtube channel to stay up to date on all the exciting plans we have to grow our farm and produce selection. We look forward to creating an amazing culinary experience for you, your restaurant patrons and family.


Visit Us at the Farmer's Market

If you enjoy a fun-filled day outdoors, interacting with nature and indulging in amazingly fresh and local produce, the farmer's market is for you! What a great way to get the freshest produce, lower your carbon footprint and support your local economy. Moonlight Farms can deliver to your door but we also sell at various farmer's markets in the Piedmont of North Carolina. Sign up for alerts on our Farmer's Market schedule and pop up events. Stop by and grab some yummy samples, mushrooms, fresh herbs, heirloom tomatoes, and microgreens. We look forward to seeing you!


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(919) 949-0158


(919) 949-0158

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