Pioppino mushroom is also known as the black poplar mushroom or the velvet pioppino. It is often called the black poplar mushroom because of its tendency to grow on and around poplars.

The pioppino mushroom has a long stem and a small, brown-colored cap. Once cooked, this mushroom will gain a slight crispiness to its texture. The flavor is mild but earthy and nutty. This mushroom goes well in rice, risotto, or stir fry dishes. In Asia, this mushroom is used frequently in soups, stews, and hot pot. It is possible to cultivate this mushroom at home, but it is a more advanced growing kit option. This is the case because the pioppino mushroom requires lower temperatures and a high humidity while still receiving enough oxygen to grow well. There is nothing like fresh harvested gourmet mushrooms. You can't get any fresher than mushrooms grown on your own kitchen counter! When you use this kit, make sure to keep the kit in temperatures between 50-60 degrees F to fruit the mushrooms. Ideal humidity will be over 90%. Also, make sure you cut an array of holes into the bag so the kit receives a proper amount of oxygen. You will have delicious mushrooms ready to harvest within two weeks or less. Check out our website for delicious and easy recipes!

Pioppino Mushroom

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