They may be small in size but not in flavor or nutrition. These amazing microgreen varieties can have up to 40 times the nutrients as it's full grown versions would. Serve these immune boosting little greens in a salad, soup, pasta, stir fry, wraps, omelettes and much more. 


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2 Ounces
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  • Upon receiving your order, please refrigerate immediately. For best prolonged freshness, mushrooms should remain inside a paper bag or in a container covered in paper towels. For our microgreens and herbs, keep refrigerated in the plastic container until ready to use.

    For prolonged shelf life, only clean your produce right before use. For mushrooms, make sure they are dried thoroughly after washing paying close attention to the gills. Or let dry on their own for 24 hours. Rinse microgreens with cool water and air or pat dry right before use.